Wesleyan MHS Collaborative


In late 2009, a joint educational initiative was started between members of the Wesleyan University faculty in the natural science and mathematics departments and several of the science-math teachers at Middletown High School. The goal was to create a partnership to create opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to attend lectures and to do research in Wesleyan’s labs over the summer. This collaborative program was intended to extend the educational opportunities of the Middletown high school students, and to leverage the impact of the research programs at Wesleyan. Over the years the program has facilitated the integration of a select, but growing number of MHS students into Wesleyan research labs, and we are working to expand the program to include all science departments and to engage even more students.

Students in the program work in faculty labs over the summer, interacting with graduate and undergraduate students as well as their faculty mentors. They develop projects and complete research that can be presented at science fairs and conferences on and off campus. Outside of their research students attend lectures and workshops on campus: every Wednesday at noon there are hour long presentations by a wide variety of scientists as part of the Summer Science Seminar Series. The students may also attend workshops given by Wesleyan faculty and lab meetings that include presentations by graduate and undergraduate students. Lab workers keep up with current articles in related research publications and students have access to the university libraries and facilities. Students who participate in the Collaborative learn valuable techniques and gain exceptional experience. They go on to study at colleges across the country, including Wesleyan.

Professor Michael McAlear, MB&B, Founding Director
Professor Anthony Infante, MB&B Emeritus, Director
Steven Lecky, Mathematics, MHS Coordinator

Of Note: Former participant won 3rd place at the 66th annual Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair


Year  Student  Lab  Project  University
 2018 Kyle Dale Etson Protein-DNA Dynamics
 2018 Kaylee Morosky  Devoto Zebrafish Development
 2018 Tyler Wenzel  McAlear Gene Regulation
 2017 Dylan Drescher  Mukerji  Structural Biology
 2017  Rachel Gaudreau  McAlear  Genetic Regulation
 2017  Veronica Meyer  Holmes  Regulation of DNA
 2017  Richard Nakatsuka  Volt  Flow Dynamics
 2016  Victoria Dombrowik  Taylor  Biological Chemistry Yale
 2016  Jordan Legendre  MacQueen  Genetics and Microscopy McGill
 2016  Sofia Marszalek-Baldyga  Mukerji  Strucural Biology UMASS
 2016  Katherine Marx  Holmes  Genetics DNA Regulation American University
 2016  Harish Patel  Olson  Structural Biology, X-Ray Diffraction  Waterloo
 2015  Rachel Angle  DeVoto  Developmental Biology  Georgetown
  2015  Claire Curran  Grabel  Cell and Developmental Biology  Hamilton
  2015  Alexandra DeFrance Taylor  Biological Chemistry  Providence
  2015  Connor Dale  McAlear  Genetics  Tufts
  2015  Sabrina Dooglar  Mukerji  Structural Biology
  2015  Samantha Fletcher  Holmes  Genetics  MIT
  2015  Emmalyn Lecky  MacQueen  Genetics and Microscopy  UCONN
 2014  Saket Pandit  Holmes  Genetics  UCONN
 2014  Chris Rodo  Varekemp  Environmental Chemistry  UCONN
 2014  Kendar Serindag  McAlear  Gene Regulation  Wesleyan University
 2014  Lily Zhao  Taylor  Biological Chemistry  Harvard University
 2013  Samantha Angle  Northrop  Materials Chemistry  Yale University
 2013  Hannah Breton  MacQueen  Genetics and Microscopy  Clark College
 2013  Olive Kuhn  McAlear  Genetics  Bard College
 2013  Kerste Milik  Mukerji  Structural Biology  Northeastern University
 2013  Terry Nguyen  Holmes  Genetics  RPI
 2013  Jeff Santi  Beveridge  Biophysics  UCONN
 2012  Siena Biales  Grabel  Cell and Developmental Biology  UCONN
 2012  Audra Devoto  Cohan  Evolution and Ecology  Haverford College
 2012  Samantha Gambino  Mukerji  Structural Biology  Johnson and Wales University
 2012  Thomas McAlear  McAlear  Gene Regulation  McGill University
 2012  Madiha Shafquat  Holmes  Genetics  UCONN
 2011  Will Molski  Mukerji  Structural Biology  Wesleyan University
 2011  Elizabeth Paquette  Naegle  Cell and Developmental Biology  Wesleyan University